Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Pepperberry blazer: Not worth it for me

I bought the Lightweight Blazer from Pepperberry - I need a light summer jacket, and I've always wanted a blazer that fit, so I even broke my principle of only buying sales items at Pepperberry!

It seemed to be more generous over the hips than a lot of other blazers, and I liked the casual look of the denim-color and floral lining. Plus, I really liked the matching top, so I figured that I could potentially buy that later:

So, I ordered it besides the price-tag of £65 is more than I'd like to pay...

When it arrived, I immediatly noted 2 things: It was quite wrinkled, suggesting it would need to be ironed all the time, and, the fabric felt cheap. Heavy fabrics do tend to feel better, so I understand that this will feel quite different, seeing as they were quite serious about the lightweigh-ness of it. But still, it feels more like a double-layer of cheap sheets, rather than a nice summer blazer - for a blazer, I expected something a bit more structured and polished. I would still love if it fit nicely, though!

Well, it didn't. I was still unsure whether I would keep it or not when I took these pictures, but looking at it here, tells me that it just didn't fit me very well. The many folds around the buttons and bust reveals the bad fit in that area.
Additionally, it was very big in other places - my waist (which, is not suprising, since that would technically make me a size 16, rather than the size 18SC I have here) and back. My back seems to be narrower than my front (which you could all see in my full-body pic in an earlier review), and I've even heard recently that sometimes plus-sizes gets more fabric added on the back than on the front when scaling up, so this may be the case here: Maybe with the lapels and everything, the scalaing up didn't quite go so well.
It's also quite large on my arms, which certainly is new to me! My limbs are so big (In fact, I've had measured that they make up more than half of my total body weight!), that I often size up because of them. Of course a blazer should not have tight sleeves, but it did feel a bit weird that they were so loose. I guess since they are made to be able to rolled up to mid-arm, they couldn't taper in at the end, but seeing as they had buttons there anyways, it wouldn't be difficult to just unbotton those when rolling up to a wider part of the arm.
Speaking of the sleeves, though, I appriciate their lenght: Since the lining really is the nice detail here, it's great that they can be rolled up once to show that, while still being full lenght.
Other things that worked well was my hips: I judged right, when I figured it would be able to handle my bottom half, and it does so nicely - it doesn't even part at the front when I'm standing normally! This is really quite rare for me, so that's deffinitely a plus!

So, all in all, my sizing advice would be to go for a smaller waist size, to get the back and sleeves more fitted - and if you normally size up for hips, don't worry!
But, I would advice against buying it at full price - at least for my wallet, this would need to be way, way cheaper for the quality and price to match!

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  1. The placement of the buttons seems odd, too.

    I know what you mean about the extra fabric in the backs of some garments in larger sizes. Do they expect us to have boobs back there?

    It sounds like Pepperberry assumes the larger sizes are plus sizes...which spells disaster for me. Thank you for the review!