Monday, 6 May 2013

A few more Pepperberry items

I recently had a handful of bras I wanted to try from Bravissimo, and on a whim, I threw in a few Pepperberry pieces as well.

One of the items was Jaquard Floral Prom Dress:

 I do not have a straples bra that I'm satisfied with, but since I would plan to wear a shrug anyways, I figured this was worth a shot. The length and shape seemed ideal for my preferences and body, and I could see it as being a nice dress for restaurant visits and the like.
So here goes:

I would say, this probably would work quite well as a strapless: The body is boned, and is narrow in above the apex, making it unable to ride down.
On the downside, the body is way loose on me, meaning I had to tighten the waistband a lot, which seemed to work against the shape of the dress. To me, this was a dreal breaker. Additionally, it's too short: I always forget that I'm a bit taller than average, so when I see a dress that is as short as I want, I don't consider that it will not be that length on me.

Another thing I got was the Twist Strap Beach Dress:
This is actually not a Pepperberry item, but Bravisimo itself, in the same way that they have some strappy tops etc.
As you can see, we've got some serious problems. It cannot cover my bra at all. This is 'forgiven', seeing as it's probably not meant to be a proper dress, but more something to wear over your bikini when on the beach. But, that was not the intent I had for it, and it's therefor not really ideal for me. I am trying to figure what I could pair it with to make it wearable, as I have a very hot summer vacation coming up, and I would love a little dress like this.

Last item on my list is the previously reviewed Stripe Tie Back Top in the lighter color:

I've been using the darker one a lot recently, as it's a little hot to wear layers, but still too cold for short sleeves, so it nice to wear, so I'm happy to add the lighter (perhaps more summery) color to my collection.

So, that was some quick notes on my latest clothing haul! 

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  1. Oh I love that balloon dress! So pretty! Much better on you than the model!!