Tuesday, 30 July 2013

End of giveaway!

So, folks, this is the end of my giveaway!

I've had 1169 entries, and it has boosted me up to 8066 views this month! I'm blown away by all the positive feedback, and I'm so happy that Biubiu, Elomi, Ewa Michalak and Large Cup Lingerie wanted to participate in this!

Congratulations to Pat, Nora, Lyndsay and Mariëlle! If any of you wish to do a guest review of your prices, let me know, I'd be honoured! :D

Friday, 5 July 2013


I am proud to present to you:

“Clothing in 3D”: Biubiu is dedicated to making great clothing for the larger busts.
Their size chart aims at fitting each women in tops and dresses that fits perfectly at both the waist and the bust, with three different levels of ‘bustiness’:

What more is, Biubiu keeps very reasonable prices, while maintaining high quality: Truly, there are no downsides :)

I myself have shopped at Biubiu several times and always look forward to their new things! Due to their popularity, they sell out certain sizes fast, though, so you must be quick :D

They sell popular button-down professional shirts, which any woman who’ve struggled with gaping buttons will love, as well as wonderfully casual tops. And let us not forget the wonderful dresses!

VIENNA purple

(Just to name a few!)

What’s not to love?

This is why I’m thrilled to tell you, that Biubiu will gift one of their dresses (subject to availability) to the lucky winner of my giveaway!

Just participate through this rafflecopter, and I’ll draw the winner in the 31st of July!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


In the occasion of my blogiversary, I present:

Ewa Michalak is a Polish bra-brand with the widest size range on earth!

They are what many full-busted women have been dreaming of: A front and centered shape you’ll hardly find anywhere else, padded bras in larger cup sizes, colorfull plunges – everything you’ve wanted for your boobs!

I find myself always reaching for my Ewa Michalak bras when I want to have an amazing-looking chest, and I’ve thus bought and blogged about these incredible garments many times :)

Many other bloggers, namely CurvyWordy, are also spell bound by these bras, so they are rightfully quite a popular brand in the ‘bra-community’

And who can blame us? Look at some of these brilliant bras:

S Ptýs

HP Rokoko

PL Onyks

3DM Malinka

CHP Orchidea

I’m therefore happy to tell you, that one of you can win one of the beauties (or any other EM bra), including shipping, here in my giveaway!
Just fill out the Rafflecopter, and I’ll draw the winners on the 31st of July!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


In the occasion of my blogiversary, I present:

Large Cup Lingerie is an online specialist who believes in providing great fitting bras for big cups!

They offer 28-40bands in D-K cups, in both regular lingerie and swimwear. They stock favorite brands such as Freya, Panache’s brands, Parfait by Affinitas and many more!

And as a rare treat, they offer free worldwide shipping! This makes them a favorite among the D+ shoppers outside Europe and North America especially!

One thing I particularly like about Large Cup Lingerie is their facebook activity! They are very much in touch with their costumers and the bra-community in general, frequently sharing things they found interesting from blogs, or issues they would like their followers opinion on.
Not only do they post bra-related things, but they’ve picked up on the general body-positive and feminism trends within the bra community, and they participate in these topics as well. I can definitely recommend to add them to your newsfeed, especially as you will also get amazing promocodes (*cough* this month they have 20% off in a flashsale with code FLASHJULY *cough*)

I am therefore proud to tell y’all that they’ve generously given a giftvoucher of
£50 to be given to a lucky winner in my giveaway!

Just participate through the Rafflecopter, and you have a chance :D
I will draw a winner the 31st of July!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


In the occasion of my blogiversary, I present:

Elomi is without a doubt a very fitting brand to be featured here on my blog!
Beautiful Lingerie For The Fuller Figure is their tagline, and not only that, they are one of the only actual full bust brands­, going up to a K-cup!

And beautiful? Indeed:


The last which I’ve just ordered myself – the Roxy, which is probably the set I’ve been most excited about in my life. Massive kudos to Elomi for making one of the only longline bra above G! It still doesn’t come quite in my usual J/JJ-cup, I am hoping it runs a cup large (as I’ve experienced some Elomi bras does!), as I simply can’t let this beautiful bra slip past me! :D And the bottoms too! Even though my band size doesn’t limit me to brands that specialize in fuller figures, my butt does! I’ve had very little success with most other brands in this department, so I’m thrilled of the prospect of the bottom of a set fitting me well!

So, without further ado, Elomi has generously put up their bestselling set Elomi Caitlyn in Black or Pearl Black (L8030 and EL8035)
to be gifted to a lucky reader here on my blog!

Caitlyn set in Black
Caitlyn set in Pearl

Just enter here through the Rafflecopter here, and you are in! I’ll draw the winners on the 31st of July!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


­­­­Wow! It's been a year since I started this blog!

When I first started it, I didn’t know what to expect: I’ve never had a blog before, but after having spend months on bratabase, r/ABraThatFits, r/BigBoobProblems and various bra-blogs, I wanted to join in!
I never expected to get so many readers, nor to be linked as a resource on reddit and other blogs, and I’m blown away by the tight community that I have become a part of! I’ve learned so much, and I appreciate the entire experience :D  
A couple of statistics of my blogs career involves:

All very interesting!

Anyways, so on my blogs birthday, I wanted to give something back: And is there anything we love more than give aways? I’ve allied myself with a couple of brilliant boob-related companies, who have generously allowed me to gift a prize to a reader in my blogiversary! I will draw a winner on the 31st of July, so don’t hesitate to enter the rafflecopter to win some great prizes! :D

Check out the giveaways:
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