Thursday 3 October 2013

Body-hugging MARSALA by Biubiu!

Another great item I got from Biubiu was their MARSALA dress:

The print really appealed to me, as it's "busy" enough to keep that effect of 'one large surface' as some single-colour items can when the wearer is large, yet not so "in the face". It also comes in other colours, but I really liked the versitality of this sandy colour. 

I also really like the neckline on the model: So much of my clothes seem to fall in each end of the spectra, either "too" low cut, or hardly showing any neckline.

The draping over the belly seemed like the Cross Front Pepperberry dress I've reviewed earlier, but it appears much lower on the Marsla, which I think is a good thing!

Also, notice the length! It's perfect, as it will "allow" me to have bare legs, which I never do with things shorter than knee-lenght.

So, let's try it out!

I went for a 46BBB:

I really like it! I'm actually glad that the waist seems to sit a *bit* higher on me than on the model, as this is closer to my natural waist. It really makes it an ideal figure showing dress, while the pleats make me so comfortable, no worries of VBO! I really love how it fits :)

Downside is though, that it's also quite a bit shorter on me. I keep forgetting that I'm considered moderately tall (I'm a bit over 5'8"), plus I suppose Biubiu doesn't account for the lower curves as much, so my hips probably have snatched a good bit of fabric. This length would still be *ok* for no tights, but I do wish it came just under my knee, like it was meant to.

Another thing that turned out shorter than expected: The sleeves. I do not do this short sleeves. I can pull the to be slightly longer, but I suppose because my arm is so wide just at that point they are supposed to sit at, it's just not happening. I'm ok with as short sleeves as 2/3rds of the upper arm covered, which I knew from the picture these would probably be just short of, but on me they are even shorter, so that's a major drawback. I feel like it is such a shame to put a cardigan over it, as it's asset is really how well it looks from every angle. And I've yet to find a short / pretty much sleeves only cardigan that I can stand (the cheaper ones tel to just be straight across with sleeves, which makes the bunch around the neck and arms horribly).

Despite these issues, I have in fact work it twice, and felt good in it! So I'm very happy to own it :D


  1. Funny thing I happened to wear this same dress today at work. :D I like it because the material is so soft and nice to wear but still looks smart, so it's a good choise for the office. I agree with you about the sleeves. They could and should be a little bit longer.

    Btw, Vero Moda used to have a wonderful bolero (Glory long sleeve pleats bolero) in their offering, but now I can't find it anymore (and I only have it in dark blue, but I need a black one, and a red one and maybe a white, too...) It has a few buttons at the front, so it's not just sleeves with a back piece, and surprisingly I can fit my J-cups in it! I visit the Vero Moda online store every now and then to check if they have anything similar or the same style coming back. :)

  2. This looks wonderful on you! I'm so tempted to give this dress a try x

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  4. Oh, it looks beautiful! I'm really pleased to hear that about the length - I'm 5'8 myself and don't like anything over the knee so it should be an ideal length on me. I hope!

  5. I think you're beautiful darling also very nice shoes and feet

  6. Just read through some of your posts.... hope your coming back to post more

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  9. Fabulous dress! Its a shame about all of the spam on what is otherwise a great blog and wonderful insight into your life. By the way if you ever wonder why your bra hurts your back here's a great explanation!