Thursday 3 October 2013

Body-hugging MARSALA by Biubiu!

Another great item I got from Biubiu was their MARSALA dress:

The print really appealed to me, as it's "busy" enough to keep that effect of 'one large surface' as some single-colour items can when the wearer is large, yet not so "in the face". It also comes in other colours, but I really liked the versitality of this sandy colour. 

I also really like the neckline on the model: So much of my clothes seem to fall in each end of the spectra, either "too" low cut, or hardly showing any neckline.

The draping over the belly seemed like the Cross Front Pepperberry dress I've reviewed earlier, but it appears much lower on the Marsla, which I think is a good thing!

Also, notice the length! It's perfect, as it will "allow" me to have bare legs, which I never do with things shorter than knee-lenght.

So, let's try it out!

I went for a 46BBB:

I really like it! I'm actually glad that the waist seems to sit a *bit* higher on me than on the model, as this is closer to my natural waist. It really makes it an ideal figure showing dress, while the pleats make me so comfortable, no worries of VBO! I really love how it fits :)

Downside is though, that it's also quite a bit shorter on me. I keep forgetting that I'm considered moderately tall (I'm a bit over 5'8"), plus I suppose Biubiu doesn't account for the lower curves as much, so my hips probably have snatched a good bit of fabric. This length would still be *ok* for no tights, but I do wish it came just under my knee, like it was meant to.

Another thing that turned out shorter than expected: The sleeves. I do not do this short sleeves. I can pull the to be slightly longer, but I suppose because my arm is so wide just at that point they are supposed to sit at, it's just not happening. I'm ok with as short sleeves as 2/3rds of the upper arm covered, which I knew from the picture these would probably be just short of, but on me they are even shorter, so that's a major drawback. I feel like it is such a shame to put a cardigan over it, as it's asset is really how well it looks from every angle. And I've yet to find a short / pretty much sleeves only cardigan that I can stand (the cheaper ones tel to just be straight across with sleeves, which makes the bunch around the neck and arms horribly).

Despite these issues, I have in fact work it twice, and felt good in it! So I'm very happy to own it :D

Monday 16 September 2013

Curve-hugging Portofino!

Apologies for the long breaks between posts that I've had, and probably will in future - I have started a new major, where I'm really determined to do well, so I'm putting in incredible long hours - I'm at campus for 10-12 hours every day, + all the extra work I put into it at home - and I'm loving it! :D I didn't realize how 'wrong' my previous major was for me, but now that I see how much it is possible to thrive even with so much work, I'm very happy that I changed!

Ok, enough with the personal stuff, let's talk Biubiu!

Biubiu gifted me a few items when I was doing my blogaversary, and one of those things was the Portifino Red!

We were unsure if I should go for 44BB/BBB or 46BB/BBB, and settled on the 46.

This was one of the things that I was skeptic about, especially due to the sleeves: In my experience, when sleeves goes straight into the top, instead of being separated pieces, I feel like it often looks bad on busty ladies, as it makes the arms and bust blend together, and this makes it all look bigger. But mind you, I've never tried such sleeve type where the top was specifically made with big busts in mind!

So let's see how it turned out:

Not bad! I know the "ruched front" fit from the Portimao tops that I own 2 of, and love, so this was welcome :) Though as with the Portimao, I wish they also had some way to be ruched on the back as well, because as it says at the Biubiu description of these tops, it "helps hide imperfections", and I have those (read=lumps and bumps) on my back as well! So it can make me a bit selfcouncious :b Then I just focus on the front, because really, I love the fit :D Even though I'm deffinitely one to like some cleavage, I am happy that this is not as low cut as some wrap-over styles can be, as it might have been a bit much with this super curve-hugging top, and then lots of cleavage on top:

Speaking of the wrap over part, it's a bit difficult to work! Many times I've stuck my head in and come out the wrong end :b Maybe that's just me being a derp in a shirt though!

Now, the sleeves: I'm really impressed that even though they are kimono sleeves, aka. just an extention of the top, they still manage to maintain the seperation of arms and bust! However, probably because my upper arms are so big, they also end up quite short :/ Lots of women like short sleeved tops, but I really really don't want anything shorter than a 1-2" above my elbow. This will seriously limit the use of the top for me! So far, I've managed by layering it with some thin open cardigans, but it's such a shame to cover up such a beautiful fit of the top :b Really, not to sound narcissistic, but it looks so amazing on me from the front xD

Friday 23 August 2013

The button-down quest! Biubiu, Vichy Blue

Biubiu has blown me away with their generosity. Not only did they donate a gift in my give-away last month, they also gifted me a big package of wonderful items!! I am overjoyed by this privilege :)
My first review of these gifts will be of an item that is a big topic of discussion in the big-boob community: The button down. Can it be done? Is it even worth it to try?

As a young, sloppy student, I have not desperately needed button downs shirts, and since I quickly discovered that it wouldn't be an easy task even if I did, I disregarded the idea of getting one.

But, after becoming a bra blogger, and seeing how big of an issue it is, it has annoyed me that this just "had to" be on my "no go"-list. Not because button-downs by definition look bad on my body-type (unlike other trends: embezzled breast pockets? No thanks.. Baby-doll flowing dress? I think not), in fact, if they are well fitting, they look great on anyone. But that is the catch: If they are well fitting. And surely, that should be possible.

So when Biubiu told me if any of their new items had caught my eye, I said I really rather liked the Vichy Blue: A 3/4 long sleeved blue gingam shirt.

Kinga suggested that I might try some of items in 44BBB based on my measurements, but I said I would rather stick with 46BBB, both because some of the items are made for straighter hips than I have, plus I had just seen some Biubiu reviews from FullerFigureFullerBust where she wore 44BBB, and I'm deffinitely larger than her, so 46 seemed like a good choice for me:

I really loved the fit! I was quite worried that it was too straight for my lower half, but even though it was a little tighter there than on the waist, it wasn't anything that pulled buttons, so it was fine by me.
I was impressed by the waist-fit as well: Even though it wasn't as tight as it could have been, it seemed to define my waist quite naturally, and I felt completely comfortable in it, knowing it neither hid my waist, nor was so tight I needed to "worry" about it showing off rolls or being too tight when sitting down.

Now onto one of the most crucial points: The bust. 

Here is a picture of how I would usually wear it, slightly buttoned down, seeing as I don't have anywhere that need strictly business clothes. I feel like this, combined with the slight tightness, just makes it a bit 'flirty' and thus more casual, which I like. It didn't actually feel as tight as it looks, so I think this is more due to shape, rather than it actually being too small. Here, I am wearing an Ewa Michalak S bra, which is very round, and puts a lot of the volume at the top of the breast, and I suppose the padded cups adds a bit, whereas I feel like this shirt was more fit for the typical shape of an unpadded three-piece seamed cup, which tends to be slightly pointier, as I had some puckering at the apex.
On the other pic, I've buttoned it up as one might do if you were to wear it to work. As you can see, it is looks to be quite tight in that area, though again, a different bra might well solve this.

Overall, I was really surprised by how much I liked this! I didn't expect to be able to wear a shirt with my casual wardrobe, but I suppose the 3/4 sleeves, the gingam rather than solid color or stripes, the large flip and the fact that it sat well slightly buttoned down made it much more "me" and casual. In fact, I loved it so much I swiftly brought it with me on vacation! (which is my excuse for slow blogging here in August!)

On vacation just this past week!
Stay tuned for more fab Biubiu reviews to come!! :D

Tuesday 30 July 2013

End of giveaway!

So, folks, this is the end of my giveaway!

I've had 1169 entries, and it has boosted me up to 8066 views this month! I'm blown away by all the positive feedback, and I'm so happy that Biubiu, Elomi, Ewa Michalak and Large Cup Lingerie wanted to participate in this!

Congratulations to Pat, Nora, Lyndsay and Mariëlle! If any of you wish to do a guest review of your prices, let me know, I'd be honoured! :D

Friday 5 July 2013


I am proud to present to you:

“Clothing in 3D”: Biubiu is dedicated to making great clothing for the larger busts.
Their size chart aims at fitting each women in tops and dresses that fits perfectly at both the waist and the bust, with three different levels of ‘bustiness’:

What more is, Biubiu keeps very reasonable prices, while maintaining high quality: Truly, there are no downsides :)

I myself have shopped at Biubiu several times and always look forward to their new things! Due to their popularity, they sell out certain sizes fast, though, so you must be quick :D

They sell popular button-down professional shirts, which any woman who’ve struggled with gaping buttons will love, as well as wonderfully casual tops. And let us not forget the wonderful dresses!

VIENNA purple

(Just to name a few!)

What’s not to love?

This is why I’m thrilled to tell you, that Biubiu will gift one of their dresses (subject to availability) to the lucky winner of my giveaway!

Just participate through this rafflecopter, and I’ll draw the winner in the 31st of July!

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In the occasion of my blogiversary, I present:

Ewa Michalak is a Polish bra-brand with the widest size range on earth!

They are what many full-busted women have been dreaming of: A front and centered shape you’ll hardly find anywhere else, padded bras in larger cup sizes, colorfull plunges – everything you’ve wanted for your boobs!

I find myself always reaching for my Ewa Michalak bras when I want to have an amazing-looking chest, and I’ve thus bought and blogged about these incredible garments many times :)

Many other bloggers, namely CurvyWordy, are also spell bound by these bras, so they are rightfully quite a popular brand in the ‘bra-community’

And who can blame us? Look at some of these brilliant bras:

S Ptýs

HP Rokoko

PL Onyks

3DM Malinka

CHP Orchidea

I’m therefore happy to tell you, that one of you can win one of the beauties (or any other EM bra), including shipping, here in my giveaway!
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In the occasion of my blogiversary, I present:

Large Cup Lingerie is an online specialist who believes in providing great fitting bras for big cups!

They offer 28-40bands in D-K cups, in both regular lingerie and swimwear. They stock favorite brands such as Freya, Panache’s brands, Parfait by Affinitas and many more!

And as a rare treat, they offer free worldwide shipping! This makes them a favorite among the D+ shoppers outside Europe and North America especially!

One thing I particularly like about Large Cup Lingerie is their facebook activity! They are very much in touch with their costumers and the bra-community in general, frequently sharing things they found interesting from blogs, or issues they would like their followers opinion on.
Not only do they post bra-related things, but they’ve picked up on the general body-positive and feminism trends within the bra community, and they participate in these topics as well. I can definitely recommend to add them to your newsfeed, especially as you will also get amazing promocodes (*cough* this month they have 20% off in a flashsale with code FLASHJULY *cough*)

I am therefore proud to tell y’all that they’ve generously given a giftvoucher of
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