Sunday, 17 February 2013

Attempting to get a Boost!

Well, well, well, I've been trying out a well known Curvy Kate bra: The Daily Boost.

I've heard mostly skepticism about the fit on this one - in fact I can't remember seeing someone who fit it well, so I didn't plan to give it a shot.
But, with the news of the Curvy Kate Lola being based on the Daily Boost, I was suddenly very keen to find my right fit in this bra! Plus, I need a beige bra, so I gave it a shot.

I started of getting it in 34JJ, and the band was too large, but I couldn't quite decide on the cup - It was definitely too large on my smaller boob, but that's no news. So focusing on the larger boob, it could gape a bit, but with tightening the straps, I could easily be closed, and the shape was quite good.

I then went on to order a 32JJ and 32K.
The 32JJ was definitely too small:
Quadro-boobing on the larger boob
though slight gaping on the smaller

Even with the straps off, it quadro boobed on the larger boob
Even when really trying to shove my boob in there,
 it made orange-in-glass fold

The 32K was better, but still didn't look at all as big as the 34JJ had:

And still folded a bit
I'm quite puzzled, as this should only be different in band - I tried it with an extender too, to see if there was some distortion that I just couldn't feel, but it didn't change anything. The only explanation I can come up with, is that they've changed the depth vs. width from 34JJ to 32K, and that is enough to change the fit.
I might have been able to live with the orange-on-glass if the shape had been otherwise great (like I do with my Ewa Michalak bras) but it wasn't: Very odd profile, the top panel had corners going from breast to cup, and from top panel to bottom panel, and they were also very east-west pointing. All in all, it seemed like the top panel was just too large.
Very odd. I can see why this bra has caused some troubles.
I'd say the best shape for this bra, is bottom heavy in the sides, if that makes sense? Which I sort of do have, but still a bit tricky.

In conclusion, I'll go for the 34JJ in future - the Lola Babydoll probably won't be used in very support-needing situations anyway, but if needed, I can just alter that band down a little bit.

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