Saturday, 9 February 2013

S Wiśniówka reviewed!

I've said it many times, and I'll say it again - Ewa Michalak bras are not compatible with my breasts.

So why do I keep trying? Well, because there's nothing I love more than the Ewa Michalak shape. Even when my Pl Onyks was actually unwearable wrong in size/worn out, I would still get, well, slightly disappointed when I saw my boobs in other bras.

The Ewa Michalak shape is like the holy grail to me - lifted, centered, not wider than my body, projected, not minimizing in the slightest.

And I want that. So I'll just have to work around my Ewa Issues. 

My boobs are a bit soft-ish on their surface, which means plunges aren't actually that good an idea, but so far, that has been my only Ewa option.

So when I heard that the new S-shape would be specifically made to target softer boobies, I was ecstatic  and made my order right away 

S Wiśniówka

I went for a 70KK - I have the PL Cappuccino in 75K, and it indeed looks too small these days, definitely quadro-boobing, but I reasoned that it was just due to my soft boobs not being held properly into the cup - something the S-bra would hopefully solve. 

I went for a smaller band, because the Cappuccino was loose from day 1, and definitely is now - so even though the Karmelki was too small in 70, I took a chance with this one: After all  I've heard that the Karmelki is one of the tightest.

When the bra arrived an early February morning, I popped it on right away, and well, I was not disappointed!!

Gaping on my smaller boob

Much less gaping on larger boob

It's so good! The band feels very good - I've felt like a lot of EM bras had narrow, un-stretchy seam which could be uncomfortable, but this feels really nice! And the straps are stretchy as well, which means you can tighten them enough to not slide anywhere, but they won't feel constricting.

Cup-wise, I felt very contained, but not in a full-cup kind of way - just really stable and secure. And the shape is even better than the PL's in my opinion!

Ewa had said it was pointier, which I think worried some people, but I think I can see what was meant by 'pointy' - the shape at the tip is definitely more concentrated at one point:

PL vs S

PL vs S

Which I happen to think looks awesome!

Another thing that worried people was the seams - those wide, black lines on top of the red sure can make them look quite threatening  but upon closer inspection, they really are just thin black lace - much like the type we so often see at the edge of cups:

Seams are less visible than the edge of the gaping cup

Now, I started off this review by saying me an EM-bras don't mix well - have I just proven myself wrong? Well, no. As you can see on some of these pictures, it gapes, especially when I move my arms forward.

Should I go down a cup-size, then? Well, maybe. The next issue is that first up, the gore isn't flat - and when I push it flat, the cups don't gape. So technically the volume is pretty good.

And then there's the annoying fact that I do get orange-in-glass-effect, which tends to ruin the stability of the bra:

Slight wrinkling at the bottom of the right seam - sorry, the flash kind of overexposes it.
Here you can also see the amazing centering shape, though!

For now, these issues can be sort of solved by popping in a pad (2 on the smaller boob), so it is definitely not something that keeps me from wearing, and loving, this bra:

with pads

With pads

Over at Bratabase, I've gotten some suggestions on how to better fix these issues, and particularly the idea of boned pads and moving the strap (to close gaping + maybe stretching out the orange-on-glass fold?), and I am very interested in trying out these alterations.


  1. Great review! I wonder about the central gore: I have the best tacking in my 44HH Onyks, but 42J Burgund didn't tack at all. I know when Fussy Busty sized up in the cups, she also had the problem of the central gore not lying flat... It's just so weird.

    I also have gaping in all my EM's (except the ones that are 2-3 cups too small) but I find that after I've worn the bra a bit the fabric tends to soften and the gaping isn't noticeable anymore.

    I've always thought that gaping is inevitable in padded bras because the cup just isn't the same shape as your breast (unless you get VERY lucky) and that gaping isn't a bad thing as long as it isn't too visible uner clothes and the bra fits well otherwise.

    Also, I think the shape of the S bra looks great on you! I'm not sure I could pull it off because my breats have quite a bit more volume than yours, but I love the perkiness this bra gives you!

  2. Awesome, thanks so much for the great review! I really want to try the S because of my soft shape, but am not sure how sizing in it compares. I have gaping in the HP and CH styles often, so I'm waiting for more data. Thank you for providing some!

  3. Have you tried bending the wires and bending the gore inwards? It will tack better then and the gaping might dissapear :)
    And Yay for the S shape!
    (And Yay for paradiso plume I just saw you in on Bratabase ;)))

    1. I actually have tried to bend the wires outward a bit - so the cup is slightly wider, and more flat at the top, and I think it worked pretty well. I haven't tried bending the gore, but that might really work, so I'll get right on that :D

      I'm very excited about the Paradiso Plume, will do the review soon!

    2. I keep waiting for S shape to come out in some colorway that's more me - this is because adore your illustration on how it compairs to pl <3 And I agree, I too find it a more desirable shape :)
      Still waiting though, the brown one is even less me then red and black combo :/

    3. I felt just like you did about Ewa bras: they are the only bras I have ever found that give me a decent shape, but WTF is with the center gore? It would tip forward crazily, even though there was plenty of room in the cup and it just drove me nuts. Soo...I just wanted to second Vee's comment: bend the wires. Because it worked perfectly for me. It also solved the problem I had where the wires dug in really badly right under my breasts after a while. I think the wires on her bras are just really really firm, so they don't bend when you put them on.

  4. How did I miss this review? I just added a link to it on my own. :)

    Like you I found the S bra a HUGE improvement over the PLs (also just don't do nearly as much for my boobs). I think it's pretty comporable to the CH's but in larger cup sizes. The one big difference that I see is that I get more lift in this and my breasts actually look good above the cups too (something that never happens!).

    Like you I get some slightly gapping on the top of my cups. I'm not sure if the 70JJ would have been a better fit but since my boobs are still growing, I'm holding off to see if it goes away. That being said, if my size was stable I would probably put a stitch on top to prevent the gaping. Might have ot try and see if pads help too!