Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Moulin Rose by Bravissimo

I recently ordered several bras from Bravissimo, and I will review some of those for you! (some of them were so far off size-wise, it is not worth reviewing)

First one up is the Moulin Rose by Bravissimo in 34HH!

 Gorgeous bra! I hadn’t caught online that it was printed lace, rather than actual lace, but that is fine, it makes it a little less serious. It is a beautiful bra, no doubt about that! The pink velvet ribbons at the edge of the cups continue up the wide, supportive straps (which means it is only fully adjustable if you are very insistent) 
It feels like good quality. The padding is thick enough to definitely make it very “firm” when wearing it, but less thick as in a lot of other padded bras. Even the delicate things like bows and lace trim seems sturdy. The band at the gore and at the bottom of the cup is un stretchy, and the back band is sheer and wide. The straps continue into the band and down to the clasp.

Now, it is described as a half-cup, but it covers way more than I would expect a half-cup to cover. The center gore comes up higher than I’ve ever had a bra come up, and then the cups goes horisontally from there. This is not necessarily a bad thing, I am just a little unsure of how it is actually supposed to look when it is the right fit. I have to say, in these pictures from the front, it looks quite awesome on me! (the flash makes it difficult to see, but the center is not touching: There is about room for my thumb there)

 However, the bottom of the cups are very shallow, which does not fit my natural shape, nor the shape I am looking for in a bra. (I want my breasts to cover as little an area on my chest as possible, and lots of forward projection!) It gave me a bit of “orange-in-a-glass”-effect, and also flattened my breasts. The flatter bottom can give a bit of push-up, but to me that just seemed weird in a bra that covers so much. As I said, I can’t quite decode what shape this bra is supposed to create.  Added to that, it was too small for me, so the push-up effect just created overspill for me. It is difficult to see from the front, but you can see that not all of the lace is standing up straight, because my breast-tissue is pushing it down. Also, from the side view the rather weird shape becomes more obvious (finger placed to point out the start of the “orange-in-a-glass”)

Not even in a sports bra does my boobs look this flat! The bottom ½-1" is not filled

I think even if this was available in 34J, it would sadly just not be the shape for me ):

I think this bra would work well for full on top breasts, who wish a bit off pushed up but not cleavage-y look. And it is a georgeous and comfortable bra, so if you think there is a chance this shape could be something for you, I would recommend you to get it! I can also see that the reviews it has gotten on Bravissimo are all good, so maybe it is just me!

Go to bratabase to see the measurements for this bra (:

(If there is anything more you would like to know about this bra, please just ask, I check for comments very often, so I can answer you before you purchase it!)

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