Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Biubiu review!

So, as promised, here is my review of my first order from Biubiu! Even though it didn’t all work out, I am really impressed, and hopefully this won’t be my last order!
First up, the Fado tops! I ordered 2 colors, Orange and Lazur!

 (wow, I am impressed by how good I am at copying the way I stand!)
I ordered these in 44BBB which fits 87-91cm waist, and 116-120cm bust (and 11-115cm hips) I measure just about 86.5cm waist and 125cm bust, and 127cm hips, so this wasn’t a spot on size, and I think that too was reflected in the fit. Even though right at my narrowest point, I do fit in the size for waist, I have “extra padding” above and below this point, so it ended up being too snugger than intended, if you compare to the fit on the website:
 Also, the bust was too small, you can see that it covers less on me than on the models: because my bust is wider, the wrap over is pulled further apart. Also, the ‘empire’ cut is supposed to fit right under the bust, and it didn’t on me, as you can see here, where I’ve marked where the bottom of my bra is (an Ewa Michalak plunge, so I would think that it is similar to the bras the models are wearing) Due to my tan-line, you can also see that this is a good bit lower than I normally wear, even when sun-bathing!

Now, despite it being a wee bit snug, I decided to keep both of them: First up because I am desperate for clothes that even almost fit, and because I actually really like fitted clothes, and since these ones stirred clear of my 2 biggest problems with tighter tops:
The back. There is nothing worse than finding a top that beautifully defines the waist when you see the front, but then shows of all your back-rolls (this is my main-problem with wearing waist-belts!) but magically, this top didn’t do that at all!:

About as concealed as they can be! If I was to say which of these tops were tighter, I would say the blue is perhaps. Maybe it is just because the color is brighter, and there for more noticeable, but in pictures like this, it seems it is a bit more tight (or maybe I am just twisting a bit here? Idk)

Problem #2: Sitting down! When ever I feel really good about myself, I sometimes want to wear really tight tops.. until I sit down. Then there is always some muffin top that needs to be concealed, and tight tops usually just can’t do it. But look at these tops!:
 Passed that test with flying colors! (of course it won’t look as good as when standing up straight, but I will show you how bad it could have been later!)

I am very impressed how well this top worked, even when it is a size too small all over!

And it gets more points: Look at the pictures from the back again. Notice something else that is different from most sleeveless tops? The arm-wholes go all the way up to the armpit! All sleeveless tops seems to think we want to expose half our side through the arm-wholes (or, for us bigger busted ladies, half our bra-side, as the arm-whole is pulled horizontally by our bust!) Another point to Biubiu for actually thinking about this! And since we are in that area, the straps are great, wide enough to cover our wider bra straps, but the metal-clasp makes it look elegant, rather than “practical”. Btw, the metal clasp can be pushed up or down, depending on what shape you want of the wrap over front, and they don’t slide on their own. Another good point!
So, all in all, excellent tops, even when a tad too small for me!

I wore the orange one out shopping, and the sales lady kept offering me Medium clothes, even though the store had up to 2XL, so I take it that it must have looked good on me!

 Next up, the Toscana Azure! I had really really looked forward to this one, I love the neck-line, and the flared out bottom-half, and the sleeves are longer than cap-sleeves, but still not ¾ sleeves which I am bombarded with normally! So I really wanted this one to work for me, but oh, not this time…

Just as with the Fado tops, it had all the sign that I needed to size up in this, if you compare the intended fit and my fit:

  Here you can especially tell that my big hips play a big part in the fit. This top is quite long (I am 173cm / 5’8½” ) and had it been any longer, it would more of a tunic than a regular T-shirt.
The fabric is quite thin, and a little bit see-through if it is stretched. I am wearing the Rhea bra, where the top of the cups are brown/gold, and the rest is light blue, and you can see the color difference even on my poor-quality picture here. It is not so bad, but to me it just confirmed that this is too tight. There is a double layer along the neckline, and it is about 5cm wide, and I felt like you could see my cleavage through the shirt where the double-layer ended, so maybe there should have been double all the way? Or maybe a bigger size would have solved such issues.

I think the thin-ness of the fabric would make it an excellent summer T-shirt, nice and breezy, but this also means that contrary to the Fado tops, a too small size just won’t do.

Problem #1: The back:
I showed you an example of a good fit for the back before. Here is a bad one:

 Not good! And you can also see that the sleeve is too tight. I think even if I sized up, it would be a tad bit tight still, but I can live with that, as I know that my arms really are very big, so it is not the shirts fault ;)

Problem #2: Sitting down:

  No good either. This kind of thin, stretchy fabric just won’t do when it is too tight. So despite this one being my dream T-shirt in terms of design, I had to return it.

Next up is…. The Paris Noir dress!

And oh… Oh, how I loved this! Quite unexpected, I only got this because Biubiu told me it would fit bigger hips (and as you can see, my hips butt/belly are taking full advantage of the pleats!). I thought it was too nice for an everyday dress, and too boring for a club-dress, but when I tried it on, I wanted to wear it for both!

 I will reveal right off, it is too small, all over, but especially on the bottom half. If this is the most bottom-friendly type they have, I fear my butt will not be very happy with biubiu. In this one, I don’t think I could sit down, and it would obviously still be tight in a 46, but none the less, I would get it, because it felt and looked sooooo goooooood!!
Even though it was also too tight on my bust and back, it still looked amazing:

I looooooooooooove how fitted it is over the bust, underbust and down to the waist. Even when it was too tight (I am wearing a quite un-lifting bra here, and yet the dress was so tight, it lifted my boobs regardless :b ) it just looked so sharp and tailored! For sure a larger busted lady could never dream of a look like this, from anywhere but a company like Biubiu!

There is an un-stretchy lining, but the waist band seems to be a bit tighter than that, and the rest of the dress is a little bit stretchy, so that is why it cuts in a bit. This would hopefully look even better in the right size. But wow, this, I have never had anything fit like this. I nearly cried having to return it. My mother suggested keeping it, as inspiration for a weightloss, but I don’t want to be beating myself up about not being able to fit it. If I do loose weight, I will get it again. Or, if it is offered in 46BBB, I will be first in line to order it! Also, note that it is not very dark-black. Here I obviously used some flash, which makes it lighter, but still, it is more like a very dark grey, imo.

(I also ordered the Fuego Violet in 42BBB as it was the last size, but it is clear that I would not be able to fit it, so I didn’t bother unpacking it)

Even though I did not get all the things I wanted from this Biubiu order, I now know what size I would be: 46BBB. Unfortuneatly, that is a size they don’t always order, and also one that is sold out quickly when they do (actually, everthing is sold out quickly. Biubiu, please have bigger stock!) Now that I know my size though, I will be less hesitant to order, so maybe I can get in there before they sell out! I also recently saw that Biubiu wrote to someone on facebook that they could request a size, so I may just do that next time I see something I must own!

Currently, I have my eye on Arles, Fado Black, Fuego Black, Etna, Alanya, Indigo City (what! Reintroduced? But I can't select sizes), Liverpool Honey, Ponti Green and more to come, I am sure!


  1. I actually think the Toscana looks nicer on you than on the model (from the front standing), because it looks less like maternity wear when it's a bit tighter.
    I love the Paris dress. I got it in grey. If I do get it in black I'll go one size up too!

    1. I agree, if the Toscana had just looked the way it did from the front, I would probably keep it, but the back and sitting down was cringe-worthy.
      Do you think the black is tighter than the gray Paris dress? Or is your gray one just a bit snug too?

  2. Wow, everything looks fantastic on you - even the things you returned, though I can understand why. The lazur fado is a great colour for you, too. Makes me regret getting the orange one :P

    1. I really had yo convince myself to return them too, because yes, despite obvious flaws, I too really liked how they looked on me!
      And hey, you can do as me: Get both fado colors! So far, I've actually almost only worn the orange one. Because it is quite low cut, I think wearing it in the bright blue color takes a bit more :b

  3. OMG that dress on you and your proportions. Flaunt it! I would've want to be able to wear those dresses but there is no chance in hell. I have a significantly straighter figure than you. So flaunt it!

    I also do think that's why the tops doesn't look that good. The problem with those tops are - as I see it - not what they show, but what they don't show. Your waist disappears as they are straighter than your figure I think?

    If they were bigger they would've just hidden your curves.

    I'm right with the legrossbonnets on the tops looking better on you than the model though!

    Have you checked out Glamorosa btw? http://www.curvywordy.com/2012/08/simply-be-glamorosa-dress-in-very.html

  4. That's the problem with these bust friendly brands: They only take care of one end of the hourglass! And oh, the dress, not to brag, but it looked even better in real life, haha :b But way small. But I find it promising that it looks so good, even when it is so wrong.
    I had a lot of trouble returning my items, so we'll see if I will order from biubiu again (depends on if I get my money back! I can't afford it without)
    I had heard of Glamorosa, but I think there were problems with it last I checked, and now I went again, and oh, this dress has all my requirements: http://www.simplybe.co.uk/shop/glamorosa-skater-dress-very-voluptuous-fit/qy032/product/details/show.action?pdBoUid=6882#colour:,size: Sleeves, fitted from underbust to waist, skirt that flares out? Yes please! It is rather out of my price range, but I have some pretty fancy occasions coming up (a wedding, a silver wedding anniversary etc) so maybe I will end up justifying the purchase? ;)

  5. Oh yes, that's the dress I'm drooling over as well :D I might try it out :D

    Yeah I can see in general there are either plus size clothing or busty clothing, not both.

    All my dresses are cut with empire waist in doll style. In CK Emily 30JJ which is now the only bra I have that actually fits (only while standing so stocking up on 32J and 34HH) no clothes I have look good any more :O

    1. Yup, it's always the choice between the 2. I don't get it though, because surely a good amount of larger ladies have larger busts as well? I am working on a post to demonstrate the problems of dressing curves, and one of my examples is a plus sized shirt, where the bottom and sleeves are roughly twice as big as me (literally, I tried folding it twice around me), and yet the bottons gape at my bust! What is up with that?
      I don't have a single bra that fits, but I just now placed a big order, so hopefully, soon! That will probably also help a lot to look better in my clothes!

  6. The Fado tops and Paris dress looked great on you! I understand why you returned the dress, though. You are wise to check out the back view. I cringe when I see the back of someone's outfit that makes it clear they did not take the same care as with the front.

    The thing about armholes not showing bras--I have this problem, too, and I wear bras in the 28FF/30F range. Even with petite clothing, I often have this problem. It's kind of like your question about why don't more clothes that accommodate your size bust also make room for equally hourglassy hips. If someone is short, slender, and small-framed, wouldn't they need a smaller, higher armhole? Unless, of course, they're totally wearing the wrong size bra, which I can understand clothing manufacturers assuming would happen, sadly.

    And the thing about the back view of the Fado tops skimming over back bulges is a great point about those tops, one I hadn't seen addressed in many other reviews. This is a big deal for me. Thanks for the review!

    1. yeah, the armholes, I always wonder... You'd get a much smaller armhole if you cut the sleeves off a T-shirt! So I just don't understand :b
      I get conscious about my back bulges, because everyone else can see it when I can't! So I make sure I like the fit in a 360degree view!