Monday, 16 September 2013

Curve-hugging Portofino!

Apologies for the long breaks between posts that I've had, and probably will in future - I have started a new major, where I'm really determined to do well, so I'm putting in incredible long hours - I'm at campus for 10-12 hours every day, + all the extra work I put into it at home - and I'm loving it! :D I didn't realize how 'wrong' my previous major was for me, but now that I see how much it is possible to thrive even with so much work, I'm very happy that I changed!

Ok, enough with the personal stuff, let's talk Biubiu!

Biubiu gifted me a few items when I was doing my blogaversary, and one of those things was the Portifino Red!

We were unsure if I should go for 44BB/BBB or 46BB/BBB, and settled on the 46.

This was one of the things that I was skeptic about, especially due to the sleeves: In my experience, when sleeves goes straight into the top, instead of being separated pieces, I feel like it often looks bad on busty ladies, as it makes the arms and bust blend together, and this makes it all look bigger. But mind you, I've never tried such sleeve type where the top was specifically made with big busts in mind!

So let's see how it turned out:

Not bad! I know the "ruched front" fit from the Portimao tops that I own 2 of, and love, so this was welcome :) Though as with the Portimao, I wish they also had some way to be ruched on the back as well, because as it says at the Biubiu description of these tops, it "helps hide imperfections", and I have those (read=lumps and bumps) on my back as well! So it can make me a bit selfcouncious :b Then I just focus on the front, because really, I love the fit :D Even though I'm deffinitely one to like some cleavage, I am happy that this is not as low cut as some wrap-over styles can be, as it might have been a bit much with this super curve-hugging top, and then lots of cleavage on top:

Speaking of the wrap over part, it's a bit difficult to work! Many times I've stuck my head in and come out the wrong end :b Maybe that's just me being a derp in a shirt though!

Now, the sleeves: I'm really impressed that even though they are kimono sleeves, aka. just an extention of the top, they still manage to maintain the seperation of arms and bust! However, probably because my upper arms are so big, they also end up quite short :/ Lots of women like short sleeved tops, but I really really don't want anything shorter than a 1-2" above my elbow. This will seriously limit the use of the top for me! So far, I've managed by layering it with some thin open cardigans, but it's such a shame to cover up such a beautiful fit of the top :b Really, not to sound narcissistic, but it looks so amazing on me from the front xD


  1. It really looks great on you! This is one that I have my eye on because I think it would look good over my mom tummy and it would be easy to breastfeed in. Thanks for the review!

  2. Looks good on you! :) I have this in white and it's one of my favourites. The only problem with the white is that it is see-through, so I must either wear a nude bra or something over the top to hide my bra, like today I wore it with a bolero. Also it's very low cut, so not all bras work with this top.