Sunday, 3 March 2013

Is Paradiso Plume paradise?

When the first spring news come out in Bravissimo's site, the Paradiso Plume really caught my eye. I've been whining about that there aren't many half cups anywhere near my size, so this was like an answer to my prayers: It came up to J! I was still a bit sceptical however, since in most of Bravissimos bras (except full-cups) I'm probably more like a 34JJ, than a J, so I called Bravissimo, and they said that this was based on their other half-cups, but just extended the size range a bit (hope this trends continues!), but should be much like their other bras size wise, aka. not running bigger, which was what I had hoped for. I think they also said that the wires were a bit more stable, which has been a peeve with a half cups like the Demi Diva, so at least that's some good news.
I gave it a shot in 34J

Oh, isn't it just *sigh* - despite it being too small for my larger breast (I see that on this picture it isn't actually that obvious.... Darn, I must have hunched my shoulder forward or something... You'll have to take my word for it!), I decided to keep it. I was just about to pick off the label, when I leaned forward, and when I stood back up, my boob had practically fallen out of the cup - which means it is way to small to make do :(

Not giving up, I ordered a 36J - the 34band was quite good, and I didn't need larger at all, but in desperate times, I would make do with closing it on the inner-most hook, and altering it when it stretched out. So without further ado, here it is in 36J:
I seriously think the difference between my boobs is bigger!

So different in size O.o
Much better! On my larger breast, it has that nice "filled to the brim" look (and it's not just a look, it is indeed very filled). It's also a purple-shape, in the sense that it's slightly minimized from the side, but very nice and round.

The fabric is quite stiff, which I felt was very supportive. It's a 4 part cup, with the 'bulky' part of the seams made on the inside:
I do feel like the panels closest to the middle should have been made to allow a bit more volume there, perhaps by being more curved. The outermost panel is connected up in the strap, which helps get a narrower shape.
The wires are definitely more stable than on a lot of other Bravissimo half cups, so that's really good - they are only slightly wider at the top than at the bottom.
The gore is as narrow as it can be, and is pretty high as is typical for half-cups, which also means it's a little difficult to get it to tack on me.
The band is on the stretchy side, but I think the seams are more stretchy than the mesh, which I think works well to prevent it cutting in. The straps are nice and wide, and fully adjustable

A fan of the vibrant print, and the sheer band, I decided to get the matching thong in 2XL for the complete look.

The set is quite nicely done - all details of the bra is mirrored on the bottoms:
  Print, obviously, pink trims, and front bow.

Bow on back og thong and on the bra straps.

Sheer band and loops as trim. Regarding the sheerness, you can see it's not quite the same - the thongs mesh is much thinner, and much stretchier - I appreciate that the bra is made of a more stable fabric, since it actually has to carry the weight of more than the garment it self.

I've never actually bought sets, so this is new for me, and I have to say, I love it :b I feel very dressed up, even though I'm, you know, almost naked xD Without further ado, I nervously present the full set to you:


  1. Wow! This set is so pretty. And I hadn't realised just how tiny your waist is. I've seen you posted the measurements for the 34J on Bratabase, wil you do the same with the 36J?

    1. My waist always looks super narrow from the back! I suppose all the volume is just placed so it can't really be seen when looking straight on from the back + I'm leaned forward a little bit, so both perspective plus, erm, gravity, is making it appear a bit smaller I think xD And the contrast to my bottom half just accentuates it :b

      Yes, I will post the measurements, I'm doing it right now :)

  2. That your waist looks tinier from the back is because you've got a figure 8. You have high hip bones that looks like shelves and those figures carries more weight in their behinds, you can see it here:

    To me you look like a taller Curvy Wordy :)

    I have that figure as well, only my definitions are far less pronounced than yours, but the effect is the same :)

    1. Intersting! I often feel like, once you get past just apple/pear/hourgass, things get complicated! The picture didn't work on the site, but I read the stuff it had, you might be right!

      Is Curvy Wordy short? I thought she was my height, or perhaps taller!

    2. Hmm now I've always thought you were very tall! 175cm at least? Curvy Wordy is something like 166cm or so if I remember correctly :)

      Here's another post about figure 8. You might tend towards x shape also since you have such a long waist, but you do really have the hip shelves :)

    3. I'm 173 - so yeah, I am taller than CurvyWordy, then :)

      I think you forgot the link, though xD But yes, definitely shelves :b

    4. Haha, yes I did :D Here it is :)

  3. I can understand you were nervous, but from what I see, there was no reason whatsoever to be because you look stunnig!!!!
    And how tiny your waist is!
    I don't think any of the beautiful fitted clothes I saw you wear does it justice - well, except the mortitia :)
    Anyway, I'm reluctant to bother you, but I would really apreciate shot's of the bra while wearing a tight t-shirt :)
    I wonder how purple is purple shape, how much the print pops and how much do seams show?
    And how much you jiggle in it? :)

    Anyway, thank you for this post :*

    1. Thank you for your kind words :) I was very nervous (mostly for random people coming by this blog, not understanding the conext), so I'm happy to hear some encouragement from dear fellow bratabasers :)

      As you can see, I'm not very smooth, so it's always a balance for how fitted I can go in clothing! Which is why corsets and such heavy structured items are nice :b

      Oh, please don't feel like you are bothering me! I put pictures in a tight top on Bratabase now :) (sorry for the mirror shots, but my camera was going low on battery, so had no time to set the timer!) I don't see the seams, I think this is due to the fact that they are done on the inside - clever. The trim is also flat lace, which stick up ½cm above the cup, so it doesn't go directly from double layer (trim + cup) to boob, but instead double layer, to just trim, to boob, which makes it quite subtle.

      I have to say, it's not the most secure feeling bra - it is low, and quite near my apex, so I do have to watch out if jumping or leaning forward - The cup it self is not jiggily at all, but since there is so much 'boob on a plate', that part is jiggiling, if that makes sense. But I do also have very jiggly boobs, so on those with a bit more firm-ness, it probably won't really be an issue :b

    2. You are right, the shape is purple from the front, but a nice uplifted round purple. But the profile? Whoa, we have liftoff!! I did not expect this level of perkiness, *love* it!
      Thank you so much and keep on the wonderful work :)
      Should we expect a SM review soon? :)

    3. Well, *soon* is a matter of how you see it :b I just got the S Czekolada in a cup size smaller than I got the first S-bra, so I have to decide which is really my best size... And I have to wait 'til I'm at another point in my cycle to properly decide.. But then I will order the SM :b Along with the S Fresh and S Porcelanka, and perhaps a plunge xD My cappucino has gotten some excessive wear, so it's loosing it's shape, and I need something for low cut tops!

  4. Simple question. Is there a reason why you wear clothes at all? I'm in awe of your shape.