Thursday, 17 January 2013

Success in Biubiu!

Here we go with my newest Biubiu order!
With my last order, I learned that 44BBB might be too small, and that I really needed to keep my eyes out for stuff that would allow room for my bottom too!
Bring in the Oia and Vienna dresses: Perfect! 

Unfortunately, they weren’t any in 46BBB, so I would have to wait and see if they made some more: I decided that due to the extra pleats on the Oia, I would go for that one to make sure there was room for my hips. 

Just in time, as they brought out the Oia Charcoal

As you will notice, it has longer sleeves than the first Oia – some might find this good or bad. I generally really like sleeves, and will make this very useful as everyday wear, but I do feel a shorter sleeve could have lightened the look a bit – especially in a darker color like this, it can come off as being a very ‘serious’ dress.

 But let’s take a look:

 I’m very happy with it J I did actually also order it in 44BBB, and I can’t stop kicking myself that I didn’t take any pictures (it was during Christmas, and in a rush to go to the post office with all my packages, I packed that up too!), but, it being a bit tighter at my bust, pulled the back tighter and thus revealed back bulges – not too bad, but I have so many clothing items already, where I get self conscious about that, and where I need to think “oh, I can only wear it if it’s a standing-up party” or “only if I can find some shapewear” or “I just have to make sure it doesn’t cling right here” etc. so I didn’t want another dress like that: In the 46BBB, I can wear it without even thinking about what I have underneath, or how I stand or sit. Very relaxing.
Though it fits really well, it of course isn’t ‘as tailored’ – I do have some loose fabric at the sleeves in various ways, and I wish it was more fitted at the underbust where I am narrower than at my waist, but that’s if I have to be really nitpicking about the fit, because overall, it great! 

The skirt is very full as you can see, so there was no problem at all with my thighs and hips – this makes me think I could also go for the Vienna: it’s still a quite full skirt, but the Oia just has a bit more front-pleats. 

Due to the color, though I love gray, it can need to be spiced up a bit – as you can see here, I’ve paired it with my teal leggings, for a very simple way to spice it up – though I played around with it a bit, and here are some looks it could be styled as:
I think it works pretty good for both looks! (And yes, as Vee spotted at Bratabase, that is the Morticia corset from What Katie Did! It’s a 30” that unfortunately isn’t curvy enough for me – it’s closed at the top, and all open at the bottom)

The fabric feels really really comfortable and soft, and kind of ‘sturdy’ and heavy – the feel o f quality! And the construction cannot be faulted – the seams that run down the body are flat and smooth, and it doesn't cling at the wrong places, and the skirt falls wonderfully. If I was to critique one thing, it would be that it’s almost impossible to get into! The long, thin (nicely concealed) zipper is really difficult to work on my back by myself (as it requires the fabric to lay pretty flat to zip, and when I bend my arms backwards, it can't lay flat!), and I have had to ask my neighbor for help once! It’s a bit easier to take off, which is always a relief J And check it out, pockets!

It took me a while to see that they were there, and they aren’t so big that they add bulk, but enough to have somewhere you put your hands + some coins and a cellphone! 

Overall, I think I will get some good use of this dress :)

When making my order for the Oia, I also checked what else was available in 46BBB – And there we have Partimao! (comes in many colors, but only gray left in my size at the time!) 
The color really struck me – it’s gray, but a bit purple-ish, which I found interesting, and figured the wrinkled fabric would show off my shape, without showing too many bulges, so I put it in my shopping cart immediately: And I’m glad I did:
It did exactly what it said on the tin ;) I found it a bit short, though, which is (part of) why it doesn't look to have so many wrinkles as on the website: I’ve had to pull it down, thus straightening it out a bit, but it still works the purpose. 
I like the neckline too, as it can look a bit ‘off the shoulder’-ish, without actually revealing my bra straps.
I wish the back could also be wrinkly, because as I’ve mentioned before, the back view can really make it or break it for me! Luckily this looked pretty good, but it would have been even better had it been more wrinkled up – though that would take an entire different construction of the top: The wrinkles are due to the front piece being much longer than the back:

I love the sleeve length! I like a bit of arm coverage, but not so much that I feel ‘hidden away’ in my tops, so this is perfect J
And I have to say again, oh my, the fabric of this! I think Biubiu must make a lot of effort to find materials, because in my own experience, and in other reviews too, it’s always noteworthy how wonderful the fabrics feel!

So, all in all, I love this! My hopes is that Biubiu will make bigger stocks (they sell out so fast!) and make sure to include lots of 46BBB’s for me ;) And keep women who are curvy at both ends in mind! Because I really love the pieces they have there, but there are so many where I know my lower half wouldn't stand a chance :b 


  1. You look great. I love the mix of the dress, blue tights and brown belt/boots. Very cool:)

  2. Finally ThE post :)
    First of all, I must say you look awesome in it and I couldn't believe that's a 46 dress because I would have sworn you are a 38 and no larger!
    I still like your bratabase cobo the best - the corset and the blue tights, a bit of SM with some fun girl next door touch, I love the eclectics of it :)
    You are right, one haas to play with this dress or it does look kind of serious by itself - but sexy serious on you :) I love how it works your curves, might even get one myself :))
    Question - what are you wearing underneath? Bras/panties/shapewear?
    Your waist looks so tiny in the portimao, just like those pinupgirlclothing models I was drooling about :)

    1. Thanks :) Regarding what size it seems, I think that proportions can throw you off :b I'm 5'9", so a bit tall, but in normal clothing, I easily take up to size 52, mainly because of my boobs and thighs - really showing that the shape of these clothes are much more made for me! But certainly not a 38 still :b
      I am wearing the EM Karmelki, and gosh, I don't know, some $1 thong? xD And no shapewear... If I had taken the dress in size 44, I would have worn shapewear with it, but I opted for this more casual fit, maybe I'll use it as everyday clothing, and in that case, I wouldn't want to wear shapewear :) And neither for the Portimao - and yes, I agree, that portimao looks really good in that picture - hence why I've also made it my XLhourglass facebook picture :b

    2. When I saw the pictures I thought to myself I must have this bra she's wearing underneath, so happy to hear I am wearing it as we type :)) you owe us a review here missy :)))